Christians are life-long learners. Our adult education classes are a place to ask, to seek, to connect, to discuss, and to wonder about things that matter. Contact Richard Coble with questions or for more information.

Adult Education
Advent Term

December 3 - 17
9:15 AM

Pressure Points: Theology through the Lens of Disability | Choir Room

How does the experience of disability affect one’s understanding of God, and what can the church learn from the perspective of disability theology? This class will touch on three groundbreaking works: The Disabled God: Toward Liberatory Theology of Disability by Nancy Eiesland;  A Healing Homiletic by Kathy Black; and Julia Watts-Belser’s lecture on “Violence, Disability, and the Politics of Healing.” Disability theology will be explored within the context of Traumatic Brain injury, which is receiving growing national attention. Both Tamara and Michael sustained brain injuries in a car accident several years ago, and Tamara has just completed a book with Joyce Hollyday about brain injury, vulnerability, and faith. Optional readings will be offered electronically through the church newsletter and by email.
Facilitators: Tamara Puffer, Joyce Hollyday, Michael Galovic

Digging In: The Christology of John | Fellowship Hall

The Gospel According to John distinguishes itself from the three synoptic gospels for many reasons, not the least of which is that it tells the story of Jesus with a unique Christological slant. This gospel has helped to shape both the development of Christian doctrine and the dynamic that put some on the outside of Christian orthodoxy because of their beliefs about who Jesus was. The highs and lows of who Christ is in John’s gospel are worthy of attention during our season of Advent waiting.
Facilitator: Marcia Mount Shoop

The Improv: Spiritual Pathways | Jerusalem Room

The Improv class this Advent Season offers three class sessions exploring Listening as a spiritual practice. We hope to discuss how any spiritual pathway inherently involves attention to listening: listening to oneself, to other people in our lives, and to God. Listening is a spiritual path when someone listens for the sacred Spirit that breathes in us and in our lives. How we listen to each other forms the bonds between us. Our class will be guided by Reflections for Cultivating a Spiritual Practice: The Sacred Art of Listening, a book of forty reflections by Kay Lindahl. We will take examples of these reflections to determine how they address listening to ourselves, to others, and to God; and we will explore how we might apply these
reflections of listening to our own habits and spiritual practice. No text required.
Facilitator: Dean Presson