Christians are life-long learners. Our adult education classes are a place to ask, to seek, to connect, to discuss, and to wonder about things that matter. Contact Richard Coble with questions or for more information.

Adult Education Classes
Sunday Morning 9:15 AM

Fall Term (Sept. 16 - Nov. 18)

Digging In: Women of the Old Testament | Jerusalem Room

This class will offer a fresh look at some of the women in the Old Testament who may have unfairly been the recipients of negative press. Many of these women have been portrayed as failures: evil, irrational, unfaithful. Could this be due to an effort to reaffirm the structures of patriarchy in spite of Jesus’ explicit affirmation of women? We will begin with Eve. Take a look at the 3rd chapter of Genesis and bring your thoughts to class.

Facilitators: Barbara McLean and Jamie Lloyd

The Improv: God at the Movies and Theater | Fellowship Hall

You sit down in your favorite theater, and Jesus walks up and asks to share your popcorn. You think, ‘What is God doing here at the movies?’ In this intergenerational class, Senior high youth and adults will be exploring how movies and plays can deepen or change how we understand our lives and our faith. A list of titles can be found HERE. For information or to host a screening, reach out to Richard or Samantha.

Facilitators: Richard Coble and Samantha Gonzalez-Block

Pressure Points: Connecting Mass Incarceration and Forced Deportation: A Faithful Conversation about Justice | Choir Room

Members of two active groups in our congregation, PART (Power and Race Team) and CST (Creating Sanctuary Team), will co-facilitate a 10-week series to explore “Capital J” Justice. We’ll explore connections and commonalities between issues of power and race, mass incarceration, immigrant detention, and forced migration. The discussion-based class will utilize a variety of resources, including segments of two films, Healing Justice and The Genesis of Exodus. We’ll examine and reflect on how we, as followers of Jesus, can interrogate U.S. practices, laws, and systems while bringing theology into the realm of social justice.

Facilitators: PART and CST

Other Classes

The Spirituality of Parenting

The Spirituality of Parenting | Sundays | 5 – 6 PM | October 14 – November 4 | Fellowship Hall

Can the every day mundane practices of parenting actually be spiritual practices?  Do our lives with children bring us opportunities to practice our faith in new ways? In this class we will explore how parenting (across generations and within communities) helps us learn about ourselves, our humanity, and our Creator.  We will also investigate ways to infuse our lives with children with new practices that enhance our capacity to notice and honor the sacred trust of caring for and living with children. We invite all congregants, of all seasons of life, to come and share your experiences and learn about parenting as a spiritual practice.
Facilitators: Marcia Mount Shoop, Richard Coble, Carol Hovis and Heather Ferguson