Christians are life-long learners. Our adult education classes are a place to ask, to seek, to connect, to discuss, and to wonder about things that matter. Contact Richard Coble with questions or for more information.

Adult Education Classes

Winter Adult Education | January 10 - February 14 |
Sundays | 9:00-10:00 AM | via Zoom

The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith: Examining our Beliefs and Learning from Others

Who was the historical Jesus? Is the Bible a reliable source of information about his life? How can Christians with differing understandings of the Bible’s reliability discuss these issues responsibly? This winter, we will hold a 6 week class discussing these questions, with the help of Bart Ehrman and Craig Evan’s new book
Can We Trust the Historical Jesus ?, along with contributions from liberation theologians.
Facilitators: Janice Kominski and Richard Coble