Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Worship Participation

Feeling called to help read scripture?  Write a prayer?  Sing a song?  Play a song?  We would love to have your family assist us in worship leadership. Please contact Amy Kim: to schedule a day you/your family would be able to help us lead worship.  This can be done live from home, in the sanctuary (as able) or a video.  Our community is blessed to have such wonderful leadership in the congregation, from the youngest child to the saints of our church.  



Volunteers who work with children and/or youth will need to fill out an Application Form, the Safe Driver Form, agree to a background check, and take the Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection Training.

All of these forms can be found starting at page 19 of GCPC’s Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.

Parent Resources

Coming soon.

Online Formation Resources

Pastoral Support

Life is full and we recognize the big and small moments that make up your days.  We are here to pray with and for you, to visit and offer support.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to Rev. Marcia Mount Shoop ( or Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks (

You may also send prayer requests to