There are many different ways to give to Grace Covenant. Some people financially support the ministries of GCPC by placing cash or a check in the offering plate as it passes down the row during worship.  We welcome all gifts delivered that way.

Another aspect of stewardship is a pledge, a promise to give financial support.  This is the main way we fund ministries at Grace Covenant.

By showing your commitment to Grace Covenant for the next year, you provide the church with the ability to plan and budget more effectively. By pledging and contributing on a regular basis (monthly, weekly, etc.), we can have a reliable cash flow to fund our ministries.

How do I make a pledge to Grace Covenant?

You can create your pledge in the Realm software online here or in the Realm Connect smartphone app. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact Brett Pinkston in our Finance Office at

Remember that when you give to GCPC, you are empowering life-giving and transformational ministries with every penny of your gift. 

What if I don’t want to pledge because I’m worried that I will fall behind on my pledge?

We ask that you make a prayerful goal and meet it to the best of your ability. We know that unexpected changes happen, which might mean you fall behind (or are able to exceed) your annual pledge. Your thoughtful pledge will help us to make a reasonable plan for the upcoming year.   You can adjust your pledge up or down at any time by contacting Stewardship & Financial Administrator, Brett Pinkston.

What if I am only able to make a small financial contribution? Should I still make a gift?

Yes! All pledges of all amounts are a great gift to our faith community. There are many ways to support the life of Grace Covenant, and your financial gift is only one of those ways. Everyone has gifts to share that make our church healthier and stronger. Gifts of time, skill, participation and sharing are all needed for our journey together. All financial gifts are kept confidential. By making a pledge, no matter the size, it helps us to plan for the upcoming year.

Where does my money go?

At Grace Covenant, every penny goes directly to ministry. We use our financial resources to award grants to agencies doing social justice work, to provide building space for a wide variety of community groups, to fairly compensate an active and engaged staff, to offer opportunities for learning, growth, worship and connecting for everyone who comes through our doors. Your financial resources change lives. If you have any questions, members of our Finance Council are always happy to talk with you. You can also contact our Stewardship & Financial Administrator, Brett Pinkston, or GCPC Treasurer, Joe Brumit.