In his last meal before his death, Jesus took and shared with his disciples the bread and wine, speaking of them as his body and blood, signs of the new covenant. He commended breaking bread and sharing a cup to remember and proclaim his death and resurrection. In the Supper, we believe we are united to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. At Grace Covenant, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper monthly. The table is open to all.

Baptism is the sign and seal of God’s unconditional love and acceptance of us. As Presbyterians, we baptize infants and children as a sign that God’s love claims us even before we are able to respond in faith, and we baptize youth and adults upon profession of faith as a sign that God’s grace calls for a response in faithfulness. If you would like to join our church and be baptized or have your children baptized, we invite you to contact staff directly. As Presbyterians, we believe every baptism in the Triune name is sufficient according to scripture and therefore do not practice re-baptism.