Stewardship is the job of linking our faith with the resources entrusted to our care.  At Grace Covenant each member’s financial support is a gift offered in the spirit of generosity and community.  Our ability to minister to Asheville and the world depends on our congregation’s willingness to share its resources.

Each Fall, we ask everyone to prayerfully consider what their financial contribution to Grace Covenant will be for the coming year. Pledges are confidential, and if circumstances change during the year, the pledge can be changed. The church’s Finance Council bases our budget on pledges received. Pledges help support our ministry partners in the community, pay our staff, and maintain our building and grounds. In fact, every penny given to Grace Covenant goes to direct ministry—our building, our staff, our programs, and our partnerships. Every aspect of our budget goes to ministry 100% of the time.

If you have any questions about stewardship, pledging or the church budget, please contact our Stewardship Committee or the Finance Council. Any staff or Session member can tell you who those people are for the current year.