“All Together Now”

“All Together Now”

Date: January 10, 2021

by Marcia Mount Shoop
Acts 19:1-7

“White Christians struggle to embrace and embody the whole truth of the faith we claim as ours. White Christians struggle to know the power of the Holy Spirit because we haven’t listened to the whole story, or maybe we’ve listened and we have refused to believe it.

Jesus was not a white man here to teach us how to be decent and orderly.

Jesus was not a white man here to teach us respectability and how to play it safe.

Jesus was not a white man teaching us strategies for how to coddle the powerful and acquire wealth and prestige.

Jesus was a Black man walking and talking and healing and calling out the powerful and calling in the human family. Jesus knew he was in harm’s way when he got involved with the human race, but he did it anyway, because love wants to come closer, love wants to heal.

Jesus’ healing doesn’t start with unity, it starts with truth.”

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