“Be the Shift”

“Be the Shift”

Date: October 24, 2021

by Marcia Mount Shoop
Mark 10:46-52

“For us to see Jesus, for us to hear him, and most of all, for us to follow him, then we’ve got to let go of what’s holding us back, what’s keeping us stuck in harmful and hurtful ways of living what we thought was a faithful life.

Understanding that Jesus is not a Christian opens up a lot of room for us to finally follow Him. He’s not here in our midst to prop up an institution; He’s here to support us in a love-induced revolution.

Love is the medicine and the map, the food for our souls and the ground under our feet. Love is what opens our ears and our eyes and our hearts and our bodies to the Holy Shifts that can make all things new.”

Watch the full GCPC service on 10/24/21 here
(Sermon begins at 38:10)