“Blessings and Woes”

“Blessings and Woes”

Date: February 13, 2022

by Richard Coble
Luke 6:17-27

“First and foremost, these words tell us about God, about who the God of Jesus Christ is: God of those pushed to the margins, God of those who weep, God of those who hunger. God who appears and makes community in the corners, on the streets, in places of liberation and empowerment, rather than among the comfortable and the grandstanders.

And second, these words tell us something about our vocation today, about the life we are called to pursue, the life that may truly be called blessed. It is not one of riches and satisfactions, not one of titles and checkboxes. It’s not a bucket-list. It’s not a trophy, a life-time achievement award. It is a life caught up in the love of God and God’s people.

The pursuit of career, of reputation, of safeguards or nest eggs, these are not bad in themselves. This text is not meant to make you feel bad for pursuing them. But it is meant to raise the question for you, what is the ground of your life? What are you truly pursuing? Do these pursuits bring you closer or take you farther away from the Spirit of the living God, the Spirit of community and creativity, the love of self and neighbor?”

Watch the full GCPC service on 2/13/22 here
(Scripture and sermon begin at 29:45)