“Crowd Noise”

“Crowd Noise”

Date: April 10, 2022

by Marcia Mount Shoop
Luke 19:28-40

“What if this story isn’t about God’s will at all–but what if this story is about what the world does to truth tellers, what the world does to liberators?

What does that change about how we encounter Jesus coming into Jerusalem again this year? Do we hear anything differently? The crowd? Our own voices? The fake noise piped in for effect?

We must bring a power analysis to this story in a new way this year–not just that Jesus isn’t the kind of king the world is looking for–not just that everyone is projecting what they want Jesus to be onto Jesus.

But that the story itself was extracted from its own wrenching context and appropriated to assist in the maintaining of Empire, the maintaining of oppression–by assigning the kind of power to God, the kind of power that sentences truth tellers to a humiliating death.”

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(Scripture and sermon begin at 31:20)