“Humility, Mystery, Poetry”

“Humility, Mystery, Poetry”

Date: June 23, 2024

by Marcia Mount Shoop
Job 38:1-11

“Sweet sojourners on the way
This poetry, this mystery,
This humility
This is why words should not
Become gods, this is why
Words welcome play,
They thrive in fresh resonance
In the thrill of trying again
In the improvisation of
Healing, feeling, wailing,
The inhale and exhale,
The unveil.
The protection, the inflection
This genealogy of words is
Why we must take care of each other
Why we must not hide behind
Tradition, or familiar rendition
Or simple recitation without
Elucidation of the impact
Of clinging to words that
Were never meant to stay
Forever, that were never
Built for undying deference
They were always gentle reference
Fleeting preference.”

Watch the full GCPC service on 6/23/24 here
(Scripture and sermon begin at 42:20)