“Lookin’ for Love”

“Lookin’ for Love”

Date: April 4, 2021

by Richard Coble, Samantha Gonzalez-Block, and Marcia Mount Shoop
Mark 16:1-8

“MMS: Ambiguity is really a gift of the Spirit–built into the very nature of things. Ambiguity is the condition of possibility required for creativity, for miracles, for Holy moments, and for liberation.

RRC: Ambiguity is God’s way of queering the whole world–creation is not about binaries or hierarchies or certainty, creation is about intricacy and intimacy that exceeds our imagination and expectations.

SGB: Ambiguity is where courage is born and where connections go deeper than we thought they could.”

Watch the full Easter service on 4/4/21 here 
(Sermon starts at 42:40)