“Shift Happens”

“Shift Happens”

Date: September 26, 2021

by Marcia Mount Shoop
James 5:13-20

“James calls to us from the basement rocks, the foundations of our faith to remind us that our faith will tell the story of its true character in its topography over time, in the stuff that is made from our relationships.

We can’t say we are one thing, and then act another way. Our true formation is revealed in the ways we move in relationship to each other and in the ways our community and our context is formed over time.

All of the behaviors James names here are about vulnerability and trust–coming to each other in truth and transparency, trusting each other with our sorrow and our joy, our sickness and our thriving.

James is all about integrity, but he’s also about waking up to the impact of our daily ways of life.

Shift happens sometimes slowly and sometimes dramatically.

Shift happens whether we want it to or not.  .  .

Shift happens. And James says through it all we should be praying together–letting ourselves be supported by each other, letting our lives be held by a network of people who we trust to love us and lift us up and hold us close.”

Watch the full GCPC service on 9/26/21 here
(Sermon begins at 47:55)