2023 Stewardship Campaign

"Faith and Fury - believing in a future that's bright and courageous"

How to Pledge

You can create your pledge in the Realm software online here or in the Realm Connect smartphone app. You can watch a step-by-step tutorial video here. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact Natalie Weaver in our Finance Office at nweaver@gcpcusa.org or 828.254.3274.

Remember that when you give to GCPC, you are empowering life-giving and transformational ministries with every penny of your gift. 


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Stewardship Letter

Dear Grace Covenant Community,

As someone who has been a part of the Grace Covenant community for just over nine years, who currently serves on Session and as co-chair of the Finance Council, I have experienced firsthand the way our faith community changes lives. GCPC is a space where we can practice relating to each other and to our resources in transformative ways.

The life of faith offers us an economy of grace. In an economy of grace, wealth grows through sharing, not by earning. A widow’s penny is worth more than wads of cash (Mark 12). In this economy, disciples inflamed by Spirit grow community through generously combining resources (Acts 2), and each family has just what they need (Exodus 16).

This economy of grace offers us a way to be in the world that is distinct from what American culture teaches us. The larger culture conditions us to valorize wealth and criminalize poverty. People are reduced to consumers and commodities whose purpose is to maximize profits. We are told that our salary is a direct reflection of our worth, and that there is never enough for everyone to have what they need. Too often in American culture you get what you pay for and money dictates what is possible.

As followers of Christ, we abide by a different logic.

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