Date: March 6, 2022

by Richard Coble
Romans 10:8b-13

“So, ‘If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,’ the salvation Paul says that you receive is not one that sets you apart, that puts you in a higher rank, that makes you more deserving than the rest of hell-bound, sinful humanity. Rather, what comes from this confession is the salvation of seeing everyone as beloved children of God, sealed by a grace more profound than we could ever fathom, much less capture in a creed or prayer.

So much more than any separation, this salvation is the realization that we are bound together, that we belong to and with one another, and that this family has no boundary, no members’ dues, no exceptions, for all are created in the divine image and named good by their creator.”

Watch the full GCPC service on 3/6/22 here
(Scripture and sermon begin at 40:50)